At WP 360 Hosting, we believe in delivering only the highest quality products and services to our clients.

The Update process we have involves manually porting your site to a dummy domain, Updating, and Testing your site no less than once a month.

The following agreement is only applicable if the customer is eligible for Monthly Updates

The following agreement is agreed to as a part of the Terms Of Service

  1. The customer agrees to notify WP 360 Hosting at the time of initial registration, or before the first scheduled update if their site has any of the following currently active:
    1. Modified core files
    2. Modified files of any repository plugin
  2. If the customer has modified files as defined above and is not eligible for the “Proactive Maintenance” service, then the customer may choose from the following options:
    1. Opt to have those plugins or the WordPress core not updated. If at any stage the website breaks due to incompatibilities between modified files which are not kept up to date and the WordPress core, the customer will be no longer eligible for regular updates of their WordPress site until such time as the incompatibilities have been corrected.
    2. Hire the team at WP 360 Hosting to find a suitable solution. The hourly rates of WP 360 Hosting are one hundred ( 100 ) AUD / Hour.

WP 360 Hosting will not be held responsible in any way if your website is hacked, damaged, or defaced due to poor maintenance of your website and the SLA does not cover hacking, defacement or damage by any unauthorised access to your website or its files.