Why WP360 Hosting


Security for web applications is a complicated business, attacker methods evolve as fast as the systems that protect them. At WP360 Hosting, we understand that we cannot sit still or be complacent, we take a proactive and multi-pronged approach to application and server security

We use the latest in cutting edge software to allow you to have easy access to your data and files, and noone else does. Rest assured that we take the privacy and security of your data seriously.
Our hardware is located in a cutting edge data centre, purpose built by one of the largest data centre companies in the world. With CCTV, 24/7 security, smart card and biometric access. They are responsible for the physical security of thousands of servers. Not something they take lightly.


Support is more than just answering the phone and responding to tickets. Its understanding your needs and striving to exceed them.

We understand that our customers are not just a number or an entry in a database, they are people and businesses that rely on us every day to help maintain their online presence.

WP360 Hosting will respond to your enquiries in a timely and professional manner, with knowledgable support staff and a courteous manner.


Do you remember the days where a hosting account was hundreds of dollars a month and was stuck with a single mysql database (if at all!) and PHP version and extensions could not be changed? We do, and that is all in the past.

WP360 Hosting gives you access to a wide array of options and systems to make your life easier and your hosting account super-flexible.

You can change your PHP version on a per-subdomain basis or pick and choose the PHP extensions to enable or disable to fine-tune your hosting to your specific needs.

You can activate CloudFlare for free or leave it disabled, install WordPress (or a multitude of other applications) with a click of a button or install it manually for complete control.

This is your web hosting, and it is flexible enough to do whatever you need to do with it.


Features are the little things that we do to make your life easier.
Nothing is more frustrating then having a great hosting account and not knowing how to load your website properly and efficiently. We will take care of migration of your website to our servers at no extra cost.
Cloudflare is free for our clients, if you want it setup and don’t know how, just let us know and we will take care of it for you. Simplez.
Install dozens of different software applications instantly, whatever you need, we have your back.
WP360 Hosting keeps complete daily backups of your data including database and emails. All accounts are backed up daily and stored securely using Amazon S3.
WP360 Hosting Account

Disk Space: 40GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Databases: Unlimited

Email: Unlimited

Add-on Domains: Unlimited

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